• Changzhou Rongxuan Landscaping Co., Ltd.
  • Office address: No. 1-256, Jiahong Shengshi Business Plaza, Zhonglou District
  • Nursery Base Address: Sanxing Village, Xiaxi Town, Wujin District, Changzhou
  • Contact: Manager Shi
  • Mobile: 13912345155
  • Phone: 0519-85564089
  • Email: 770972210@qq.com
  • Website: http://lyrics-sing.com/

   Changzhou Rongxuan Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city of Changzhou in the south of the Yangtze River. It is located in Xiaxi Town, the famous hometown of flowers and trees in the country.

200 多亩苗木生产基地,公司现有技术和施工人员 28 人。 Has more than 200 acres of nursery stock production base, the company's existing technology and construction staff of 28 people. 2013 年,在几年的努力下,现已发展成一家以园林绿化设计施工为主,绿化养护为辅,集园林绿化景观设计、绿化施工、绿化养护、苗木培育等业务为一体的专业的园林绿化工程公司,并于 2014 年成功获批园林绿化三级资质。 The company was established in 2013. With several years of hard work, it has now developed into a company focusing on landscaping design and construction, supplemented by landscaping and maintenance. A professional gardening engineering company, and successfully obtained the third-level qualification of gardening in 2014 .

The company is a three-level qualification enterprise that integrates design, construction and maintenance. Low price, high quality and integrity are our consistent principles.

1 、企事业单位的绿化包年养护业务; 2 、企事业单位的绿化设计和施工业务; 3 、部分园林景观工程:景观河道、花驳岸、假山、喷泉、清水平台、廊架、亭子、园路等; 4 、绿化苗木的批发业务 The scope of business undertaken by the company includes: 1. Greening annual maintenance business of enterprises and institutions ; 2. Greening design and construction business of enterprises and institutions; 3. Some landscape projects: landscape rivers, flower banks, rockery, fountains, clear water platforms , Gallery, pavilion, garden road, etc .; 4 , wholesale business of green seedlings

Based on its own seedlings and linked farmers' seedlings, the company undertakes landscaping projects at low prices. The company attaches great importance to the construction quality of greening projects. In addition to the construction team with many years of seedling planting experience, it has also hired senior garden engineers and project leaders with extensive experience. degree.

In order to better provide customers with high-quality and fast greening maintenance services, in addition to a professional construction team in Changzhou, the company has also added service personnel and offices in Liyang, Jintan, and Danyang.

The company is willing to conduct sincere and friendly cooperation with people of insight from all walks of life, and we warmly welcome all friends to inquire about the landscaping project and the greening maintenance package business!